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When I was a girl I had two loves, jewellery and medicine.

What I remember from my childhood is pretending to make everyone better- animals, dolls, people. I would astutely assess my 'patient'; mix medicines using flowers from the garden, put plasters and slings on, write out prescriptions. I even remember an operation once 'needed' on a rubber alligator (poor thing!). 

The other part of my childhood was spent rummaging around my mother and grandmothers jewellery box; I wanted to know everything! Where did they come from? What were the stones? How much did they cost? How much were they worth? Who bought them for you? Why? Which is your favourite? My favourite is...

My poor mother and grandmother! I remember my mothers face on countless occasions walking into her bedroom only to find me sat in the middle of her bed, content of her jewellery box splayed out all over the room; covered in jewels (me and the bed). She was horrified that I would loose something precious of hers, however I knew every piece like the back of my hand. I knew where each piece was and would never have been so careless as to have lost one single precious delight! They were after all as precious to me as they were to her.

Jewellery means something to me. Each piece tells its own story and I've long since romanticised over pieces I would make my own over my lifetime.

I quickly came to realise that cost and worth were two very different things, and that there are certain pieces that bare no price tag, they could never be sold. There are pieces of jewellery that hold a sacred place in our heart and I'm yet to make a purchase using my head. Making it all the harder to let them go! However, I've also come to love the pleasure I can bring to others by finding and creating individual pieces and being part of the creation of something; an heirloom, a love story, congratulations, happy birthday, marry me, a journey, a loss, a memory. We hold dear the things we love in life and jewellery has been a long standing symbol of every emotion known to man. From secret love affairs, marriage, proposals, in memory of someone loved and lost to hatred with antique poison rings baring hidden compartments for poison! 

I have long dreamt of creating my own jewellery collection and to see it come to life brings me great joy! My days are filled with dreams; anyone who knows me well knows me as a dreamer, no dream is too big and not making that dream come true simply doesn't enter my head. I think up new pieces on a daily basis and am forever sketching away in my head, on paper, bills, envelopes, napkins, leaving a trail of scribbles everywhere I go.

What I bring to you in each of my pieces is the beginning of something special! 

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