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Should have chosen art!

A bit about Claire......

I'm a mother of two, fiancé to one ☝️ 💕 qualified secondary school Welsh teacher and Jewellery addict.

I should have chosen art. Art was my thing, my passion, my love. I chose the sciences instead, with dreams of becoming a doctor and saving lives! Not to be. Turns out I am good at making lives... two little ones by the name of Gethin and Gloria. They're my world, they inspire me every day and are the reason behind everything I do.

I'm a creative person at heart and perhaps if I had chosen a more artistic career path it would have led me to this place sooner. This place? OldGoldTreasureTrove! Welcome to the place where my artistic side runs free! Where my endless scribbles turn into something real.

Dreamer born in Wales, longing for Australia.

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